On-Grid Solar Panel
On-Grid Solar Panel


We offer a Domestic biogas plants and compact biogas plant which uses waste food rather than dung/manure as feedstock, to supply bio gas for cooking. Bio gas typically refers to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Domestic biogas plants and compact biogas plant protects the earth's natural resources and significantly lower the greenhouse effects on the earth's atmosphere.


For the installation waste treatment plants in all the households where bio wastes such as remnants of food items, cattle dung, waste water generated by washing rubber sheets etc. are available.

To avoid the throwing away of wastes indiscriminately causing grave environment pollution problems

Benifits ?

The wastes thrown out in houses and the premises including the droppings of birds and dung of animals could be treated in a scientific manner, and the houses and the surroundings are kept clean and tidy thereby the health and hygienic life of people could be maintained.

By making use of the biogas produced from the plant as cooking fuel, the use of other fuels for cooking, purposes can be reduced and thereby gain financial benefit.

By using the bio manure for agriculture the use of chemical fertilizers can be reduced and the expenses for the manure can be saved. Quality vegetables and grains can be produced by the application of bio manure.